Youth Activities

The Kingdom of Bahrain has through various initiatives supported and encouraged the involvement of youth in various local, regional, as well as international activities.

Youth Centres

With an purpose to empower Bahrain’s youth, The Ministry of Youth Affairs has established multiple Youth Centers to focus on enhancing and empowering the youngster’s attributes in skill advancement, social tactics, cultural knowledge and familiarity, health awareness, and sports which contributes to discovering, refining and highlighting their sought talents in various fields.

There are around 30 Youth Centers distributed across all governates within the Kingdom in order to facilitate and make various programs easily available for the youth across the country.

eShabab application

The eShabab application is provided by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

The application displays a varied list of events, programs and activities provided by the Ministry of Youth Affairs  for the youth in the Kingdom of Bahrain whereby users can easily create a user profile to search and register for the available youth programs that take place during different intervals, register and enquire about the status of the assessment exams, add family members to register and set reminders for available programs, register in the volunteering program “Sawaed”, participate in “AlMustashar” service & more.

To download the application, please visit the eGovernment Apps Store.

Youth City 2030

Youth City 2030 is one of the most prominent initiatives offered by the The Ministry of Youth Affairs for Bahrain's youth, where the city has become one of the most prominent training projects for young people due to its ability to refine and help shape the talents of young people, as well as giving young people excellent training opportunities to further qualify them and provide them with all the possibilities to unlock their creative energies. The initiative also aims to raising the level of skills of young individuals, which contributes to the creation of Bahraini cadres qualified to participate effectively in the overall development of the Kingdom.

The available programmes can be viewed and registered for through the eShabab app. For more updates on events held for the youth, please visit the Ministry of Youth Affairs event Instagram account.

Bahrain Summer Festival

Organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, the Bahrain Summer Festival is held for a whole month between the months of July and August, during which it presents a schedule full of live musical and theatrical performances, accompanied by a wide range of artistic activities and creative workshops for youngsters and the youth.

Ta’a Al Shabab

Ta’a Al Shabab, an annual festival organized by Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities seeking to involve youth in culture, is scheduled to be held for a month yearly.

The festival focuses on a wide range of cultural pursuits, including literature, fine arts, poetry, theatre, music, architecture, technology, human science and others. Planned activities include workshops, debates, lectures, art exhibitions, musical and theatrical shows, as well as open forums to encourage public discourse.

These activities, all of which are run by volunteers, are grouped under 10 main initiatives, each of which focuses on a particular cultural aspect as it pertains to the youth. These activities include:

  • Darayesh: Focuses on various aspects of architecture.
  • We all Read: Emphasizes active reading and pursuit of knowledge.
  • Tashkeel: Focuses on fine arts as a tool for communication and expression.
  • Operalic: Highlights different forms of theatrical performances.
  • Technique: Deals with the effects of modern technology and communication channels.
  • Hafawa: A tribute to legacies of late intellectual luminaries from the Arab World.
  • Jadaliyyat: Sheds light on current social and cultural trends.
  • Dawzana: Hones and develops team working skills.
  • Tansees: Revolves all things media, from traditional to digital.
  • Premiere: Focuses on the art of movie making.

For more information about the event, please visit Ta’a Alshabab’s Instagram page.


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Content Last Updated: 05 Jul, 2023

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