Bahrain’s Tourism Strategy & Projects

As the Kingdom continues to prosper and diversify, it is working relentlessly towards increasing the significance to its tourism sector and ensuring that it contributes to the goals of the government’s development plan.

The New Tourism Strategy

As part of the Economic Recovery Plan, the new 2022-2026 Tourism Strategy was announced with an aim to diversify the Kingdom's economic portfolio, contribute to the national economy, increase the Kingdom's competitiveness, and attract further investments that will benefit the country and its citizens.

  • The objectives of the strategy are to:
    • Promote Bahrain as an international tourism hub
    • Increase the tourism contribution to the GDP
    • Increase the number of target markets
    • Tourism products diversification
  • The objectives of the tourism strategy relies on 7 pillars:
    • Marine & waterfront attractions
    • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) & business
    • Sports & recreation
    • Culture & Heritage
    • Leisure & entertainment
    • Media & film
    • Medical & wellbeing

Based on the strategy, a number of major national tourism projects have been planned:

  • Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Sakhir
  • AlGhous waterfront – Completion Date: Last Quarter 2024
  • Bahrain Bay beach – Completion Date: Fourth Quarter 2022
  • Qalali Waterfront – Completion Date: Fourth Quarter 2022
  • Sa’ada project – (The First Phase Completion Date: Fourth Quarter 2022) (the Second Phase Completion Date: January 2023)
  • Aljazeera Beachfront development – the project was completed in the third quarter of 2019
  • Al Dana Amphitheatre – the project was completed in the third quarter of 2021
  • Jumairah Gulf of Bahrain resort – Completion Date: March 2022
  • Mantis Hotel and resort in Hawar Island – Completion Date: May 2023

Some projects have already come to light and are working to progress such as the Sa’ada project, Aljazeera Beachfront development, and Al Dana Amphitheatre which led its first event in November 2021.


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Content Last Updated: 26 Feb, 2023

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