Open Government Data

A platform for open government data and initiatives.

Open Government Data refers to data that can be used by anyone without technical, financial, or legal restrictions. It also allows for the reuse and republishing of the open data for commercial or non-commercial purposes, while adhering to the requirements of open data licensing, under which the data is published.
The purpose of Open Government Data is to ensure transparency and inclusivity in government transactions. It allows citizens, organizations, and civil society to access information and data collected by the government, enabling them to make better and more effective decisions. Open Government Data also enhances public sector transparency and accountability, as the public can monitor and evaluate the government's performance based on the available information. It can assist in decision-making based on specific data regarding the Kingdom's public policies, identifying development opportunities, and contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals.
A dedicated platform has been developed for Open Government Data in Bahrain at It offers a range of features and serves as an integrated gateway, providing data from all government ministries and organizations through one platform. The platform enables users to view, analyze, and download a large number of datasets for research purposes, report preparation, and business development.

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Content Last Updated: 28 Aug, 2023

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