Investing in land and Properties

The Government Land Investment Platform was launched as part of the economic recovery plan’s priority to facilitate commercial procedures and improve effectiveness. The platform is an innovative way to facilitate investment procedures in government lands and to develop a mechanism and governance of procedures related to government property and contributes to linking investors with government-owned real estate and related government entities in one platform within the framework of enhancing transparency, making government land data available fairly for those wishing to invest in it, involving the private sector in providing government services and attracting qualitative investments.

The platform is an embodiment of the partnership between the public and private sectors in providing government services and attracting qualitative investments to stimulate investment and land construction and accelerate the implementation of development projects for citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

Investors are offered the opportunity to invest land in various vital sectors such as commercial, recreational, educational, health and others in accordance with the investment process for government lands


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Content Last Updated: 03 Jul, 2023

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