Recognitions and Awards of the eGovernment Program

Awards Attained by the eGovernment Program

During its short journey, the Information & eGovernment Authority has gained a tremendous record of achievements and milestones; making its program an icon in the map of internationally developed countries in this sector. It has staged its powerful presence as a strong competitor within the GCC, Arab and global regions.

GCC Awards

  • Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award 2019 
    Best Technology Projects category "Tawasul".
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2015
    Best Government eService "National Payment Aggregator".
  • Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award 2014 
    Best Government Portal category “The National Portal (” eGovernment Authority.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2013
    Excellence Project Category “Issuance of Insurance Policies for King Fahad Causeway” United Insurance.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2013
    Excellence Project Category “Traffic Payment Contravention Mobile Application” General Directorate of Traffic,  Ministry of Interior.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2013
    Excellence Project Category “National Payment Aggregator” eGovernment Authority.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2013
    Best Government Portal category “eBirth System”Ministry of Health.
  • GCC Award during the 5th Regional Human Resources Expansion Middle East Congress 2011
    Preferred CEO category.
  • Excellence Award for Best CEO 2010
    GCC Public Entities – HR.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2009
    Best eService category “eTendering System”.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2009
    ​Best eEconomy category “eInvestor”.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2009 
    Best eProject category“Najem System” Ministry of Interior.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2009
    Best eService category “eTenders Service” Tender Board 
    “eBilling Service” Electricity & Water Authority.
  • GCC eGovernment Award 2009
    Best eService category“ eBirth System.

Arab Awards

  • Arab Government Excellence Award 2020
    Best smart Arab government application category "Tawasul"

  • Smart Government Excellence Award 2016
    For substantial achievements in implementing the National eGovernment Strategy in Bahrain.

  • Security Strategist Award 2011
    Implementing the Best Practices & International Standards in Information Security category "eGovernment Authority".
  • Arab eContent Award 2011 
    eGovernment & Institutions category “eGovernment Portal” eGovernment Authority.
  • Arab League's eGovernment Shield 2010 
    eCreativity category “Shura Council”.
  • Arab League's eGovernment Shield 2010
    Structure Creativity category “Ministry of Works”.
  • Arab League's eGovernment Shield 2010 
    eCreativity category “Ministry of Finance”.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2009
    Best eContent category “Parliament Websites” Shura Council.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2009
    Best eGovernment Application category “eBirth System” Ministry of Health.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2009 
    eHealth & Environment category.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2009 
    eScience category.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2009
    eGovernment & Entities category.
  • Arab Golden Chip Awards 2008
    Best eGovernment Applications on the Internet category.

International Awards and Recognitions

  • Microsoft praises the experience of Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Innovations in 2022.
  • World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) 2021
    Digital Opportunities and Inclusion in the Public Sector category -"Biophysical Vegetation Indicator"
  • International Open Group Awards 2017
    Innovation and excellence in the field of Enterprise Architecture
  • ICTs in Sustainable Development Award 2015
    International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in ICT for Sustainable Development. 
    Bahrain & UN through the years (Book) 
    ICT Sustainable Development Award  (Video, 5 minutes 18 seconds)
  • United Nations honors the Kingdom of Bahrain 
    for positioning itself as one of the top 20 worldwide countries -  arising from its remarkable performance in 2014.
  • UN Public Service Award 2014 
    Improving the Delivery of Public Services category “National Health Information System (I-SEHA)”.
  • UN Public Service Award 2014 
    Promoting Whole-of-Government Approaches in the Information Age category “The National Contact Centre”.
  • UN Public Service Award 2013 
    Advances Government Knowledge Management category “Integrated Service Delivery Platform (ISDP)”.
  • United Nations Public Service Award 2012 
    Advances Government Knowledge Management category (The Integrated Workflow Management System ‘Zajel’ Project).
  • FutureGov Award 2012
    Public Sector Organization of the Year in the Middle East category.
  • eWorld Forum Award 2011 
    Best Innovative Initiative in Governance category “National Enterprise Architecture Project”.
  • 12th European Bled Forum 2011
    Remarkable Efforts of the eGovernment Authority CEO Mr. Mohammed Al Qaed For developing the eGovernment Program in Bahrain and achieved success in leading the authority.
  • Cisco Innovation Award 2010 
    Deployment and Successful Implementation of Innovative ICT category “eGovernment Authority" Outstanding Achievements and Efforts.
  • I4d Award 2008 
    Best eGovernment Projects and Initiatives category.
  • United Nations World Summit Award 2010 
    Mobile Content in ‘M-Government & Participation’ category “Mobile Portal”.
  • United Nations Public Service Awards 2010 
    Advancing Knowledge Management in Government category “National Enterprise Architecture Project”.
  • United Nations Public Service Awards 2010 
    Improving Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness in the Public Service category “eGovernment Portal”.
  • United Nations Public Service Awards 2010
    Outstanding Progress among top 20 countries in the UN eGovernment Development Report - Achieving the 13th position, following its previous rank of 42nd.


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