Linking Policy

Link to Bahrain National Portal

The Agency/Authority website should provide direct access to the National Portal.


All Government websites should follow the following stated guidelines:

  • Position the Bahrain eGovernment programme logo in the upper right corner
  • The National Portal should be loaded in a new browser window
  • Logo must have an Alt text
  • Show the logo in a reasonable size and should be prominent than the items around it so it gets the first attention when users enter the website
  • GIF files of resolution 72 pixels/inch is recommended
  • Should be scalable to any size without losing any image quality or visual impact
  • It should be used as an official symbol and any alteration, distortion, re-creation, translation, or misuse should be prohibited

Location: Global Header Navigation

Required/Recommended: Required

Alignment with Header:    

English pages: Horizontal – far right; vertical – top 

Arabic pages: Horizontal – far left; vertical – top

Associated Documents: 

National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) – Website Standards 


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Content Last Updated: 04 Jun, 2023

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